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The Candid Solutions

The Candid Solutions is an organisation registered in Lagos, Nigeria that provides businesses and management with consulting and advisory services. Our expertise lies in aiding organisations to identify new possibilities for expansion, resolve complex issues, and enhance their overall value.

We possess the know-how to craft and implement commercial and personnel strategies that dovetail with the ambitions and objectives of a company. We offer our services to companies in a wide range of industries, for which we evaluate the internal and external environments of the businesses, research current trends, and develop strategies to maximise its potential. We also evaluate potential risks and aid organisations in overcoming any challenges they may encounter.

Our mission is unequivocal; we strive to assist organisations in achieving their business objectives through fostering trust, delivering innovative and top-tier consulting services, and providing sophisticated solutions.

The Candid Solutions vision is to become the most sought-after and trusted partner for businesses looking to implement effective strategies for growth and success.

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My own definition of leadership is this: The capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence

General Montgomery

Adaora Ofoje

Adaora is an individual with a balanced approach to problem-solving. She can maintain an eye on the overall vision while also managing to take care of the finer details. Adaora brings an open-mindedness to her work and is willing to explore new possibilities. Her dedication is unwavering and she strives to meet the expectations of her clients with enthusiasm and passion. Adaora offers an amiable and honest form of communication, and her collaborative nature allows her to foster trust and build successful partnerships.

With over 5 years of experience in effective business operations, IT operations, project management, strategy, sales, human resources, finance, and building strategic business relationships, Adaora has substantial experience in the corporate world. Additionally, She has successfully supported various organisations in onboarding multiple solutions into their environment that has helped with their company growth.

Her insights cover a wide variety of sectors and industries, ranging from those with large budgets to those with limited resources. Furthermore, she is also a professional life coach and can help train your team to achieve successful outcomes and cultivate best practices.

Harrison Ofoje

IT professional with both technical and leadership abilities. dependable and diligent resource who performs well in a fast paced work environment.


A detail-oriented professional with extensive experience extracting and manipulating data sets to provide valuable information for strategic business decisions.

Gregory Agbor

By leveraging the possibilities of technology. I am dedicated to creating engaging and interactive experiences that will assist businesses to thriving.
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