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Treten networks limited

The Challenge

Treten Networks were managing critical business data in different Excel sheets. They experienced difficulties in tracking and managing Accounting Books, Customer Data, Sales Forecasts, and ongoing Projects. Additionally, there were difficulties in managing case severity and escalating support tickets when required. As a result, business reports had a longer turnaround time.

The Solution

We implemented, configured, and automated a business solution to help Treten’s sales, accounting, project, and support processes and operations

The implementation of the accounting software has improved the tracking of financial activities within Treten Networks. Additionally, the implementation of the CRM solution has provided accuracy in sales forecasting, growth in sales revenues, and an improved customer relationship management experience. The organization now has efficient tracking of ongoing projects and proper management of support cases and escalations. This exercise has also helped in the mitigation of security risks and potential cyber attacks as these solutions provide data security for all of Treten’s business data.

We also designed a training package and conducted an intensive classroom training session for each of Treten’s employees within the relevant departments. The training aimed to help the teams better understand how the solutions work and how they can use its functions to generate measurable results.

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