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We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Business Product Manager to join our interior design company. The ideal candidate will have a passion for interior design, strong business acumen, and the ability to manage product development from conception to market. You will play a crucial role in shaping the product strategy, driving innovation, and ensuring that our products meet market demands and customer expectations.


1. Develop and implement product strategies aligned with the company’s vision and
market trends. Conduct market research to identify customer needs, market
gaps, and opportunities. Bring innovative product ideas to life by defining
requirements, creating detailed specifications, and managing product roadmaps.
2. Oversee the entire product lifecycle from ideation to launch. Collaborate with
cross-functional teams including design, production, marketing, and sales.
Ensure timely delivery of products within budget and quality standards.
3. Conduct regular market analysis to stay ahead of industry trends. Monitor
competitor activities and adapt strategies to maintain a competitive advantage.
Utilize data-driven insights to guide product decisions and improvements.
4. Manage orders efficiently from receipt through fulfilment. Coordinate with
production and logistics teams to ensure timely and accurate delivery. Address
and resolve any issues related to orders, including customer inquiries and
5. Gather and analyze customer feedback to improve existing products and develop
new offerings. Engage with customers, designers, and stakeholders to
understand their needs and preferences. Implement customer-centric strategies
to enhance user experience and satisfaction.
6. Work closely with the sales and marketing teams to develop effective product
positioning and messaging. Bring creative marketing ideas to promote products
and drive sales. Support the creation of marketing materials, product demos, and
sales training. Participate in trade shows, exhibitions, and events to promote
products and gather market intelligence.
7. Develop product pricing strategies based on market research and cost analysis.
Monitor product performance metrics and financial outcomes. Ensure
profitability and sustainable growth of product lines.


● Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Interior Design, or a
related field.
● Minimum of 1-5 years of experience in product and business management,
preferably within the interior design industry.
● Strong understanding of product lifecycle management and project management
● Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
● Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
● Proficiency in project management software and tools.
● Creative mindset with a keen eye for design and aesthetics.
● Ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative team

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